FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I converted a picture to SVG. But when I view the result, it does not look like the original WPG version?

Unfortunately, libwpg and the tools based libwpg (such as wpg2svg) still can not handle all types of WPG files yet. If you encounter WPG files which are handled or converted properly, please report to our discussion forum.

How can I convert WPG pictures to PDF?

Use Perfectspot to open the picture. Then choose menu File, Convert to PDF. Give the output file name, and then click OK.

How can I convert some WPG files to SVG or ODG? I do not want to run wpg2svg or wpg2odg on those files one by one.

Use the Perl scripts wpg2svgbatch.pl or wpg2odgbatch.pl. Please read the following:

How can I convert SVG to WPG?

At least up until now, libwpg project only handles parsing and loading WPG format. There is no plan yet to create or write vector graphics in WPG format.