wpg2odg - WPG to ODG converter

wpg2odg is a command-line converter which can convert a WPG file to ODG (OpenDocument Graphics). ODG is part of OpenDocument, an XML-based open standard for document file format. ODG is supported by many software, among others office suite, desktop publishing, and search tools.

Refer to the download page on how to obtain and install wpg2odg.

Using wpg2odg

wpg2odg is very easy to use. The syntax is:

wpg2odg file.wpg file.odg

which will convert file.wpg to file.odg.

The result of the conversion (i.e. the ODG file) can be viewed in applications which support ODG format, for example OpenOffice.org Draw, Karbon14, and Scribus.

Batch conversion

To convert a number of WPG files to ODG files, it is best to use the Perl script wpg2odgbatch.pl. This script should be available when wpg2odg is installed. As an example, if the WPG files to be converted reside in directory named /home/johndoe/files, then these files can converted to SVG by the following command:

wpg2odgbatch.pl -v -d /home/johndoe/files

Option -v is for verbosity, i.e. conversion progress will be shown on the screen, while option -d specifies the directory. After some time, new ODG files will be created which correspond to the WPG files in that directory. For example, file book.odg will be created for book.wpg

To see all possible options of wpg2odgbatch.pl, run it with -h option so that a help page is displayed:

wpg2odgbatch.pl -h


The following screenshot compares an original WPG picture displayed in Corel Presentations (left) and the ODG version generated using wpg2odg shown in OpenOffice.org Draw (right). Click on each image to enlarge.

Original picture Opened in OpenOffice.org


Check the FAQ, read the documentation, or post to the discussion forum.


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